ONLINE: 2-Part Documentary Screening: We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka & We, the Voyagers: Our Moana


Includes exclusive introductory video by director Mimi George!
We are the living crew of Lata, the Polynesian culture-hero who built the first voyaging canoe and navigated across the Pacific. We use only ancient designs, materials, and methods, and we invite everyone to reconnect with ancestors and sustainable lifeways. This is the real Moana!

Introduction by director Mimi George (5 MIN)

We, the Voyagers: Our Vaka (57 MIN):
We, the Polynesian voyagers of Taumako, Solomon Islands, share our history, motivations, and skills, through story-telling, canoe building, and wayfinding. We recall our ancestors, who made the greatest of human migrations. We use only the designs, materials, and methods of our culture-hero, Lata, who built the first voyaging canoe (vaka) and navigated to distant islands. We were colonized and became isolated. To regain sustainability, Chief Kaveia, led us in planting gardens, feeding workers, making rope from plants, weaving and sewing sails, protecting our trees, adzing parts for voyaging canoes, and lashing them together. Kaveia also enlisted an anthropologist to help us make this film. After he died in 2009, Chief Holani became our new Lata. We built a own voyaging canoe to attempt our own voyage. We learn that everyone is welcome in Lata’s crew, and how to avoid making mistakes as we prepare to connect with long-lost family and new friends on faraway shores.

We, the Voyagers: Our Moana (57 MIN):
In our isolated Polynesian community, we live the story of our ancestral culture-hero, Lata. To make a voyage our Lata welcomes men, women and children as crew, including hard workers with skills and applicants of dubious character, including an anthropologist. Our community blesses the vessel and sailors, and we learn how to sail in Lata’s arms. We find our way in the open ocean by interacting with patterns of winds, waves, stars, and other signs that our ancestors show us when we need them. We arrive at islands and learn what happened to family members since the last voyage some generations earlier. We reconcile, reaffirm our love for each other, and look to our future together.

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November 7, 2020 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm