Past Exhibitions

Secret World of the Forbidden City: Splendors from China's Imperial Palace

February 6, 2000 - September 3, 2000

This exhibition will bring together a selection of precious objects, including formal and informal robes, arms and armor, accessories and jewelry, scepters and seals, portraits and paintings, and a complete throne room, from the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Through this sumptuous visual material, the viewer will enter a world of ceremony and ritual, births and deaths, banquets and processions, all revolving around the Emperor, who served as Supreme Authority in an unquestionable family hierarchy and sanctified power structure. The works on view represent the pinnacle of technical virtuosity and creative genius on the part of thousands of anonymous artisans who toiled solely to serve the Imperial Court. The exhibition is curated by Yang Xin, Director of the Palace Museum Beijing.


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