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ARCE: Human Remains from the First Dynasty Subsidiary Burials at Abydos with Dr. Roselyn A. Campbell

Dr. Roselyn A. Campbell is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, California.

The subsidiary burials surrounding the royal funerary complexes of the First Dynasty rulers at Abydos have piqued scholarly and public interest for well over a century. These subsidiary burials, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, contained the remains of men and women who seem to have been associated with the royal court. The quality of the grave goods within some of these graves, as well as statements by early excavators that most of the individuals interred were relatively young and seemed healthy, have sparked debate among scholars. Were the individuals in these subsidiary graves killed in a sacrificial ritual to accompany their deceased ruler into the afterlife, or were they simply interred around the royal burial as they died naturally over time? This talk will explore new data gathered from a study of the human remains that have been preserved from some of these subsidiary burials, shedding new light on the lives and deaths of these individuals at the birth of the Egyptian state.

Sponsored by Robin V. Pasqual & Eleanor Migues.

Location: Norma Kershaw Auditorium

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Dr. Roselyn Campbell is a bioarchaeologist, anthropological archaeologist, and Egyptologist. Her  research interests center on bioarchaeology and Egyptian archaeology, and understanding the lived experiences of people in the past.  She has earned a Ph.D. in Archaeology from the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a B.A. and an M.A. in anthropological archaeology and forensic anthropology at the University of Montana, as well as a certificate in Egyptology from the University of Manchester. She has conducted archaeological fieldwork in Egypt, Peru, Ethiopia, Spain, and the western United States. She is currently the Head Osteologist for the Polish-Egyptian Mission at the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari and the North Asasif Project. Her current research explores how ancient cultures define, understand, and enact violence within specific cultural and ideological parameters.

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May 14, 2022 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


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