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Art in Context (6-part Lecture Series) | Bold Expressions: French Art at the End of the Nineteenth Century

All attendees to the Norma Kershaw Auditorium are required to wear masks until further notice, regardless of their vaccination status. Please see Bowers' Health & Safety Page for details and exceptions.

WEDNESDAYS | October 6 through November 10
11 AM - 12 PM | Norma Kershaw Auditorium
Ticketed Event:
Series package: Member $50 | General $65 (purchase the series and save the equivalent of one lecture!)

Individual lectures: Member or with paid museum admission $10 | General $13

Due to the event location, please note that only a limited number of tickets will be available for lecture 4. Advanced reservations are highly suggested!
Presented by Annalee Andres, Art Historian
Part 1, October 6: The Crisis in Impressionism
The Crisis in Impressionism refers to the years just before and after 1881 when the group of artists who launched the Impressionist shows began to experience real differences in opinion. We will discuss this factious divide and look at the changes in the work of artists involved in the movement such as Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Morisot, and Degas.

Part 2, October 13: Seurat and Cézanne
Seurat and Cézanne offer formal challenges to Impressionism in the 1880’s. Seurat sought to find a more democratic pictorial language and landed on his unique pointillist technique. Cézanne’s experimentations prove groundbreaking and will set the stage for formalist invention in the 20th century.
Part 3, October 20: Paul Gauguin
By the end of the 1880’s, Paul Gauguin becomes more and more disillusioned with modern society. His desire to seek out authenticity takes him on an extraordinary journey to discover an exotic world that no longer existed.
Part 4, October 27: Vincent van Gogh
Perhaps no other artist resonates with us today like Vincent van Gogh. Part of our fascination with this artist is due to the way in which he imbued his paintings with extraordinary energy and vibrancy rendering a world beyond everyday existence.
Part 5, November 3: Symbolist Retreat at the fin de siècle

In response to rising anxieties at the end of the century, some artists of the period will retreat from the vicissitudes of reality by creating fantastical interior worlds. These artists, such as Olidon Redon and Gustave Moreau, are known as Symbolists, and will create strange, often macabre works that evoke symbolic realities rather than realist truths
Part 6, November 10: Art Nouveau and International Movements

Springing from the English Arts and Crafts movement, an international interest in design and interiors will inform the aesthetics of the end of the century. Known as Jugendstil in the German speaking world, and Art Nouveau in France and Belgium, we will look at some of the key architects, designers, and artists who embraced the style.

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons; public domain

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