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Art in Context: Henri Matisse, Part 5 of 6


Presented by Annalee Andres, Art Historian

Part 1, April 6: Introduction and Matisse in the Early Years
This introduction to the course offers a historical overview of Matisse's rise to the center of the Avant-garde in the first decade of the 20th Century.
Part 2, April 13: Matisse in the 1910s
This lecture offers a contextualization of Matisse's move to the South of France in 1918 in the midst of WWI and the Spanish Flu pandemic Track the development of Matisse's modernist style throughout this crucial decade.
Part 3, April 20: Matisse in the 1920s
In this lecture, explore Matisse's life and work in the relative calm of the 1920s when he moved permanently to the seaside town of Nice. The harem scenes and exotic nudes that he paints were formally experimental, propelled by Matisse's interest in North African textiles and Islamic design.
Part 4, April 27: Matisse in the 1930s
Needing inpiration, Matisse leaves Nice and travels to the US and Tahiti. Explore Matisse's reception in the US, his exhibitions at MoMA and his relationships with American patrons including Albert Barnes and the Cone sisters of Philadelphia.
Part 5, May 4: Matisse in the 1940s
In the face of illness and isolation,Matisse turns to paper cutouts, and brush drawing as his only means of expression. Explore his epic illustrated book Jazz and other publications from the era as well as his interior works done at the Villa Reve.
Part 6, May 11: Matisse in the 1950s
In this lecture, discuss Matisse's last major project, The Dominican Chapel of the Rosary in Venice.

Location: Norma Kershaw Auditorium

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons; public domain

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