Art in Context | Life and Death Along the Nile: Uncovering Ancient Egypt (Part 6 of 6)


WEDNESDAYS | OCTOBER 4 – NOVEMBER 8 | 11 AM - 12 PM *unless otherwise noted

Presented by Sandra Haynes, Professor Emeritus, Art Historian

Get ready to sail down the Nile with Art in Context!

OCTOBER 4 | Ancient Egyptian Mythology: Life and Death on the Nile
In this lecture, we will become acquainted with the significance of the Nile River and the spiritual and ritual world of the ancient Egyptians.

OCTOBER 11 | Ancient Egyptian Palettes: A Key to Understanding
One of the least-known Egyptian works of art, multi-figural cosmetic palettes, make their appearance in predynastic times. In this lecture, we will discuss a variety of these significant stone tablets, consider how they were carved, and elaborate on the underlying meaning of these unique objects which were made prior to the development of hieroglyphics.

OCTOBER 18 |*11:15 AM | The Stepped Pyramid of Zoser, Saqqara, and the Legacy of Stone Construction
In this lecture, we’ll dig deep looking at the complex ground plan and elevation of this seminal pharaonic funerary complex.

OCTOBER 25 | The Nature of Earthly Life and the Divine found in a Mastaba Tomb
In this lecture, we look at the tombs that pre-date the more famous tombs at Giza.

NOVEMBER 1 | What Happened at Dashur? The Red and Bent Pyramids of Sneferu (2618-2589 BCE.)

In this lecture, we consider the ambitious building program, and some architectural innovations on a massive scale, along with the continuity of religious facilitation of life and the afterlife.

NOVEMBER 8 | The Grand Culmination of Death and Life: the Old Kingdom Great Pyramids, Giza

Like the earliest experiments in pyramid-shaped tombs, we are reminded of the symbolic influence of the sun and the Nile River as symbols of death and rebirth in the afterlife.

Single Lecture: Member $10 | General $15

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

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