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Arthur Beaumont: Art of the Sea

October 26, 2019—February 2, 2020

Image Credit: Death of an Ignoble Enemy, 1946, Arthur Edwaine Beaumont (English-born American, 1890-1978), Watercolor and tempera on paper; 24 1/2 x 28 1/2 in. 98.58.1 Gift of John E. Seabern

Arthur Beaumont: Art of the Sea features a stunning array of watercolors by artist Arthur Beaumont, capturing the grandeur of the sea and vessels that sail on it.

Throughout his career, Beaumont (1890-1978) sought to create an artistic record of the accomplishments of the U.S. Navy, from launching the USS Constitution to the fierce battles of World War II, atomic bomb tests and expeditions to the North Pole. His artwork was published in National Geographic Magazine and in 1958, he was named artist laureate of the U.S. Fleet. He served in an official capacity and as a freelance artist for the Navy until his death 45 years later, in 1978.

His body of work includes numerous portraits of specific vessels, including mighty aircraft carriers and destroyers as well as personal yachts of presidents and celebrities. Beaumont aimed to portray not only admirals but also common sailors and soldiers.

Arthur Beaumont: Art of the Sea is curated by James Irvine Swinden and includes works in The Irvine Museum Collection at the University of California, Irvine.


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