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Art in Context: The Arts of Venice from Byzantium to Biennale (Part 5 of 6)


Presented by Lisa Boutin Vitela, Renaissance Scholar
This series explores Venice’s improbable rise from the lagoon and tracks Venetian art from late antiquity through today.
FEBRUARY 1 | Introducing Venice: A Mythical and Historical City
FEBRUARY 8 | Early Renaissance: Venice and the Makings of a Cosmopolitan City
FEBRUARY 15 | Venice Ascendant: Giorgione, Titian, and the High Renaissance
FEBRUARY 22 | Late Renaissance in Venice: Looking Back to Look Forward
MARCH 1 | Venice and Modernity: The Grand Tour, Napoleon, and Carnival

As Venice entered the early modern period, it transitioned from political and economic power to an enduring tourist attraction. Venice became an important stop on “The Grand Tour” of European aristocrats, who were intrigued by the city’s idyllic views and colorful carnival. Artists Canaletto, Rosalba Carriera, and Canova provided the many artworks commissioned by these early tourists.
MARCH 8 | A Contemporary Art Center: Biennale di Venezia

Individual Lecture: Member $10 | General $15

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